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Subtitiles Available in English, 中文, Dansk, Français, Deutsche, ελληνικά, Italiano, 日文語, Indonesia (Bahasa & Malay), Polski, Pусский, Português and Español (Castellano & Mexico).

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Two Streams and Two Downloads

To those who might wish to "torrent" my film:

Please don't. ;) I made the film extremely easy to view and move from computer to computer against the advice of industry folks. They all said that makes it too easy to torrent. I feel a lot of love and support from the community went in to the making of this film, and I want people all over the world to see it without jumping through a million hoops.

This way makes it very cheap to watch, stream or download. There is no studio. It’s just me borrowing a bunch of money from a bunch of folks who still call me a friend. So help me keep making movies for our community. If I pay back my friends, we’ll make another movie. If I don't, they’ll break my legs. :( So please, please, please, pay 10 little bucks, sit back and enjoy the film! ... Oh, and tell your friends if you like it. Thank you!!!

Doug Langway